11 de octubre de 2022

Society and Paris Fashion Weeek

 Paris Fashion Week

Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode


Our fashionista clients have returned from the Paris Fashion Week bringing stories and giving @SocietyCleaners ideas of what to expect for spring. The story everyone talks about is Jared Letto starring in a movie about Karl Lagerfeld. Spain is proud having singer Rosalía as the face of Acne Studios.

The T-shirt reading “White Lives Matter” with a picture of Pope John Paul II on one side and a sign “seguiremos tu ejemplo” on the other proved very controversial.

For us in fabric care, we can expect “spectacle” in gowns with sequin, brocade, and beading. lots of glitter "What I found," tells us a friend and client, is this "androgynous look." There was a preference for suiting in informal wear.  Garments, that exhibit model-type physique are in the words of one of our clients “miniscule; I could not wear that to a cocktail party.”

@SocietyCleaners has always been proud to support our fashionistas but, please, don't bring Bella Hadid spray-on dress. 

Bella Hadid's spray-on dress.
Photo artistic variation from THE POST and Surekha